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We began making things for the internet more than a decade ago. We started small - first as freelancers, then collaborating with other agencies and now helping organizations and companies bring their wildest ideas to life. Even though we started with design and code, hunger grew for creating more meaningful, connected, digital experiences. 

Now we execute high-quality digital products and campaigns from clients from all over the world.

Monterrey, NL

Revolutionizing Healthcare through Digital Transformation

Healthcare is no exception to the way digital technology is transforming business. With Wellmedic we highlighted the importance of digital self-awareness and the scope to improve performance by digitally connecting a link between patients and physicians.

WAOF® served as the agency responsible for their digital transformation, this by developing their new online-only solutions, its digital image and communication strategy. 

We also increased each doctor's presence on social media and by consequence their number of appointments, by producing a strategic video series where the same specialist/client developed their own content.

Mexico City, MX

The Last Satirical News Outlet in Mexico

We began making things for the internet more than a decade ago. We started small - first as freelancers, then collaborating with other agencies and now helping organizations and companies bring their wildest ideas to life. Even though we started with design and code, hunger grew for creating more meaningful, connected, digital experiences. 

Now we execute high-quality digital products and campaigns from clients from all over the world.

Paris, France

Digital beauty meets artistic greatness

In one of our most meaningful projects, we worked with the legendary Venezuelan Artist Carlos Cruz Diez and his team, on the concept, design and development of their “Art Team” website.

Monterrey, NL

Putting back the fun in functionality

After 25 years of its opening in Monterrey, Mexico, Sesame Place Theme Park decided to invest heavily on innovation - This by developing a digital business line through an online ticketing platform. 

With WAOF® as their digital agency, we worked closely with the Sesame Place team, both onsite and off, to make this idea a reality by building a mobile-first website with a better communication of the park amenities and a strong sales conversion.


Thank you for a wonderful 2018

We started this journey as a group of small town kids with an urge to create. We studied the game to the letter and built something different, something able to bend reality as we know it. As digital technology continues to penetrate our everyday lives, its implications on revenues, profits, and opportunities in the physical world will be dramatic. 

With our foundation phase now completed, we only have a simple vision for the future: Do the best work, with the best people and the best clients. 


WAOF®’s 2020 Relaunch

This new futuristic ID represents the company’s vision of a dystopian future and takes cues from the cataclysmic decline of earth's previous civilizations to explain how our technological achievements (and their radical adoption) are the beginning of the end for our current systems in society, healthcare, environment, politics, economics, religion, psychology and ethics. 

Contrary to the cyberpunk concept of “low-life and high-tech”, we invite the user to experience a high-life with low-tech by making the most out of technology without getting consumed by it.

Monterrey, NL

The perfect assistant for your house project is a powerful website with multiple tools created to take the user by the hand throughout their home search process, regardless if they are renting, buying or building. 

It all starts with a quiz that lets us know if we should rent, buy or build. Hence the calculator allows us to know the exact expense to achieve it.

Now, with a budget in hand, My Housemap will give us a step-by-step guide to make it happen. Supported by our map, supplier directory and advice guide blog - there is no longer an excuse to not make your dream home come true!

New York City, NYC

Behind the digital transformation of the world’s most prestigious executive search firm

Having dominated the executive search industry for over 60 years, Ward Howell International wasn’t impacting as it did in its heyday. With the organization still  representing themself with the name of its late founder and industry pioneer - known by the press as the "original headhunter" - today’s global challenges needed more than just a face life but a complete makeover.

With ambitious plans for 2020 and under a new leadership team hungry for global growth, WAOF® was tasked to lead the reinvention of the company from its core, a drastic move that involved name change, branding, and digital presence across all channels.

Mexico City, Mexico

From blueprint to reality, a 1-2-3 step video guide to do it yourself.

Due to low labor costs in Mexico, the concept of self-construction is basically non-existent in the country. However there's a very large untapped market niche ready to be reached… especially in low-income households. 

This is something CEMEX is well aware of, that’s why they created Ke Obra: A web platform built to foster the self-construction industry in Mexico, this by standardizing the country’s typical (and unique) construction processes and facilitating all the tools to do it yourself. 

Before us, finding construction tutorials was tricky if not impossible. Although there are hundreds of results with thousands of views, the lack of standardization between the videos, their bad quality and poor (or inexistent) follow-up made it impossible for users to have a correct understanding of the whole process. 

This is where WAOF® came into the picture. Creating all of Ke Obra’s 25 episode tutorial video-series that documents the full construction process.

Monterrey, NL

The future of sustainable high-quality residential communities

Arboleda is a beautiful mixed-use development that represents the ultimate premier model for sustainable development in Mexico. In the heart of San Pedro Garza García, the project puts emphasis on sustainable design, integrating the principles of smart growth, urbanism, and green building.

This fun website was a splendid collaboration with our friend and partner Rik Bracho, who invited us to help manifest his vision for this ambitious project.

Monterrey, NL

Behind the team that’s transforming the building industry

With a new identity and logo, the Construhub team came to us to support them with their relaunch strategy. This involved a website focused on capturing leads and the communication campaign to generate them.


An Outerspace eCommerce for the Hottest Natural Wine Club

Arriving from a distant star system comes Fritto a premium natural wine club with the best on-demand online catalog in the Universe (and the hottest hideout in our physical earth). For this intergalactic adventure we joined forces with the space crew of Monumento, bringing to life a fast and simple-to-use eCommerce for any human and non-human species. 

Monterrey, NL

More than a race, a life changing experience

Rosa Fuerte is one of the main running races in northern Mexico, as well as the most emotional. Here 100% of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer survivors.

 For this one we partnered with Farmacias Benavides to bring their ambitious vision to life. From planning to goal fulfillment, we helped with the launch campaign, digital communication and all of the race day printed materials. 

For our team, "More than a race, a new life" was beyond a catchy phrase, but the motivator to turn the seventh edition of the race into reality.

Monterrey, NL

A simple website to show off data for Mexico's main University Satellite Image Analysis Department.

Observatory of Cities is Tec de Monterrey's Satellite Image Analysis research department. We helped them code their vision into reality, creating a simple-yet-easy to use web to present their research results in a visual way.

Monterrey, NL

Behind the digital transformation of Farmacias Benavides

Over the past five years WAOF® has served as the Digital Agency of Farmacias Benavides, one of the leading Pharmacies in Mexico and a Walgreens-Boots Alliance Company. 

Under this role, we’ve led the development of new digital only business units. First helping implement  their presence in delivery apps (Rappi / Uber Eats) while developing their website and eCommerce platform. 

Also our team has been in charge of all communication efforts on the digital space. Managing all channels in social media as well as nationwide campaigns.

Monterrey, NL

Expanding the family with Rik Bracho’s Phamilia

For this project we helped our phriend and talented visual designer Rik Bracho manifest his extension of the Phamilia Space into the web. The result was a super fast and sleek eCommerce with a vintage Rik design.


Welcome to the Digital Civilization

Welcome to the Digital Civilization short is the name reveal of WAOF®’s first published work. This booklet represents our worldview and explains how we, by developing our inner values, can become correspondent to the next stage in our civilization's evolution. 

Through current technology breakthroughs and the Internet’s predominant values, we dive deep into their meaning and their impact on the future of humanity and the systems that drives us.  


WAOF® 2022 - 2023

Some of the last projects involve the creation of Farmacias Benavides new 3D character, animations with Promty and some WAOF® internal projects.


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