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The “work-life balance” concept popularized during the industrial revolution is now obsolete. With this change we want our team to have more control over how and when they work.

Currently our people are completely distributed, so we work from anywhere we can find a good internet connection. This shift to a remote (outside an office) company will be the main experience for all new WAOF team members.

Currently our people are completely distributed, so we work from anywhere we can find a good internet connection. This shift to a remote (outside an office) company will be the main experience for all new WAOF team members.

The future of work

High quality work in a gig fashion

WAOF ® Talent Network

the way work works

Digital creatives are the most productive when we can pick when and where to work.

↘ We empower our global talent network by giving them the freedom of choosing their own schedule, strategically matching them with clients and teams that fit their time zones or unique schedules/lifestyles.

Meaningful projects

Get matched with the national and international clients looking to manifest the future of the web as we know it.

Administration support

We deal with all accounting and legal matters, allowing digital creatives to focus on what really matters.

Community & Resources

We provide advisory, content and workshops designed to enable the growth of each creative.

How to get started

Apply to join

Fill out an application including your
background and experience

Create a profile

Add your portfolio, skills tests and works
history to get approved

❸ Land a project

Get matched to jobs with the world's
most innovative companies


The information revolution, by making it easier to communicate, connect and cooperate,
has allowed us to reinvent our way of work. Rather than the traditional “company model”, we
see ourselves as a creative band of individuals set out to do missions.

Reinventing the internet will require us to forget about school programming and
start seeing the team less of an agency and more like a bank heist crew.

A work process
battle tested & future-ready.

Attacking each project as missions, our revolutionary work process is focused on
always producing high-quality work no matter the distance between team members.
With great commitment and individual accountability we exceed expectations with every
delivery, never missing a deadline.

Flexiblity as the focus of our relationship with the team

*(Full-time & Part-time members)

Growing Company

What makes WAOF special is that we are actively pushing our limits to level up as a team. We are currently on a mission to manifest the next chapter.

Leadership Opportunities

Our work structure allows leadership roles to develop organically within the organization.

Flexible Time-off Policy

We insist on having a harmonious relationship with work. Minimum of 10 off-days every year, continuous or spaced out.

Parental Flexibility

Parents on the team have the flexibility to take days off when family needs to come first.

Fitness Challenge

We offer Freeletics or Strava subscription for full-time team members.


As you level-up on your fitness goals, we reimburse you the equipment necessary to continue developing your health.

Top-Line Equipment

Acces to an Apple computer and more. Models dependent upon need and department function

The Best Chair Ever

Full-time team members receive a 2020 Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Happy Fridays!

More than coworkers we are a championship level team, the relationship between us it’s what sets us apart. Weekly talk & drink calls with the team.

Work In Paradise

We encourage our people to experience the remote life outside the comfort zone. To Be Determined.

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60 Days
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90 Days
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Immediate Payment*


Having started as freelancers, we understand that one of the main issues for digital creators
is cash flow. Traditionally, working with corporate clients means that the payment will arrive
30, 60 and up to 90 days after the project is finished.

To end this situation, we have created an immediate payment policy for all WAOF® Talent
Network members that collaborate in the Freelancers format.

In other words: Money will arrive the same day we receive your invoice.